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That’s the cost of police brutality to Minneapolis taxpayers over the past seven years.  $4.7 million paid out by the city of Minneapolis in 2011 alone. These payouts by the city are for cases won or settled out of court for misconduct by Minneapolis Police Officers. Despite clear incentives for the city to use risk management to reduce these costs, this has yet to occur, demonstrated by the lack of accountability of officers involved with professional misconduct, and resulting in continuing brutality, harassment, and misconduct by some of our police officers. Taxpayers should no longer be held financially accountable for the actions of police officers who are found liable for misconduct.

What are we proposing?
Just like many doctors have to buy malpractice insurance, we think police officers should be required to carry their own professional liability insurance as a condition of employment in the city of Minneapolis. City officials have conflicts of interest and political pressures and haven’t held police accountable, but an insurance company that’s on the hook for an officer’s police misconduct payouts has no conflicts of interest and will practice risk management. Problem officers would find their insurance rates going up, an incentive for them to hold back or access retraining resources. Officers with extreme patterns of misconduct and brutality could become uninsurable in their assignments–getting the worst officers off the streets. More details.

How will we get there?
We’re working to collect signatures of registered Minneapolis voters in order to get a charter amendment on the ballot. Once we get the amendment on the ballot, we will need to educate people so the amendment passes.

You Can Help
All signatures have to be collected in person, witnessed by the person who collected them. This means we need a small army of people to hit the streets and collect signatures. Keep up to date with campaign activities and petitioning events here. We also need people to help us raise funds, write messages that will appeal to the public, get out press releases, and lots more.

Our office is located at 4200 Cedar Avenue South, Suite 5, Minneapolis. Our office hours are Saturdays 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Tuesdays 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, or by appointment. See the new website for up to date office hours. Come by to sign our petition and to pick up petitions and information.

Help us fund this campaign!  This is a grassroots effort funded only by individual donations and a few small grants–no big party or corporate money involved.  DonateButton